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The European Commission, as part of the REPowerEU plan to make Europe less dependent on imported fossil fuels, has targeted the biomethane sector to double its production by 2030, compared to 2020 levels. This would deliver 35 bcm of biomethane by 2030, supporting the achievement of climate goals and energy security alike. RePowerEU calls for urgent action to mitigate the impact of rising energy prices, diversify the EU gas supply and accelerate the clean energy transition. The EU has called for this biomethane production target to be included as part of the Renewable Energy Directive (RED III), currently under development.

Upgrading existing biogas facilities to produce biomethane and building new plants to expand production capacity will provide a more resilient and sustainable energy network. Biomethane can also be used to help decarbonise the heavy road transport sector which is not
practically achievable through electrification. These objectives to decarbonise the areas of transport and heat are already mandated through national GHG reduction quotas.

Digestion plants using high proportions of liquid and solid manure, organic wastes and residual materials can demonstrate significant levels of economic return with lower input costs. Biomethane generated from manure also achieves the highest trading certificate prices based on the direct emission savings and energy recovery potential.

Upgrading of existing plants

The option to access the biomethane market may be available for plants already generating electricity on site where they can be converted or expanded for biomethane grid injection. Plants can inject biomethane local to the site or alternatively a group of plants may avail of a shared central grid injection point.

agriKomp can deliver all the necessary technology, design, and components for your biomethane plant construction; including the provision of support and advice through the feasibility and planning stages. Operational support is also available locally with flexible service contracts, including mechanical and biological requirements. We can help you with many of the typical considerations at feasibility stage, such as:

  • Outline technology design
  • Feedstock input assessment
  • Technical support for feasibility and planning
  • Digestate output management advice
  • Optimisation of energy use and production (heat, electricity, biomethane)
  • Utilisation of biomethane (grid injection, vehicle or industrial fuel)
  • Subsidies and supports available
  • Project funding

agriPure® –

With agriPure®, we offer a complete solution for anaerobic digestion and biogas upgrading. From design and plant construction to commissioning and operational support, agriKomp is the right choice for your project! All our key components are designed and manufactured in-house and with a wide-ranging service network, experienced service technicians and good spare parts availability, your agriPure® plant will receive well-coordinated and reliable service support, providing the best opportunity for a long and trouble-free plant life.

Your benefits at a glance:

agriPure® Cube
Biomethane. Rethought.

Our biogas treatment agriPure® received a major update. The new agriPure® CUBE creates new possibilities in the area of flexibility, modularity and profitability. The new modular design allows the system to be adapted to all conditions. The clever linking of individual processes ensures higher efficiency and complete scalability of the entire system. The unique modularity and flexibility enable uncomplicated and cost-effective adaption of the system even after commissioning.

Performance remains a priority with the agriPure®: with a methane output of over 99.4 % and excellent energy efficiency, our agriPure® gas treatment is very profitable. Standardised components ensure easy operation and maintenance. A Rubik‘s Cube inspired us to name it „Cube“ because the many cleverly adapted and linked modules and processes make a perfect big picture.

Reference Plants:

Chemin du roi

Saint-Crépin-Ibouvillers (60), FR
Plant type: agriPure®
Commissioning: 2021
Inst. Power: 400 Nm³/h Biomethan
Operator: Collective of several farms with mixed cultivation
Highlights: In order to achieve maximum profitability of the plant and added value for all stakeholders, the synergy potential with neighbouring livestock farmers and local market participants is optimally utilised.

Métha Treil

Biomethane plant with CO2 recovery

Commissioning: 2019
Inst. Power: 265 Nm³/h biogas

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    We at agriKomp have been developing ground-breaking biogas systems since the middle of the 1990’s. Up to now we have implemented with our customers more than one thousand biogas plants with a total installed capacity of around 400 MWel.
    It was, and is still today our goal to make it possible for agricultural businesses to enter the energy market, quickly and with minimum outlay.